Getein Biotech lnc. holds a strong R&D team, and equipped with state of the art equipment and devices, which allow us to successfully fulfill a series of achievement in the house, including recombining gene, purifying protein, making antigen and antibody. Meanwhile, our self-developed quatatitive analyzer keeps updated for testing diagnositc kits products. The company owns a comprehensive portfolios of technical platforms like Enzyme-linked Immunoassay, Colloid Gold Immunoassay,  Biochemical Tests, chemiluminescenza, and so on. We have collected plenty of experiences in exploiting Molecular Biology, immunoassay diagnostics, and test apparatus etc., Thus Getein is capable enough to research and produce rapid diagnostic device and kits and antibody drugs.

Getein has made dramatic breakthroughs in different fields, our technology application level ranks up steadily in its industry. The self-developed products have been successfully introduced in clinical applications, and have achieved good economic and social benefit results.